4 Copywriting Services Virtual Assistants Should Offer

Virtual assistants can and should provide online content writing services. Many already have extensive experience researching, creating and distributing online content. After all, most VAs write their own articles, blog posts, and newsletters.

Virtual assistants in some high-demand niches, such as SEO and social media, already perform many tasks associated with content writing. Besides, even if clients already work with a copy writer , buy PLR content or prefer to do their own writing, they can still use virtual assistant services to get the best possible results.

Research – Going Beyond Keywords

The first few steps involved in writing any type of marketing material for online distribution are research-based. These include keyword research and choosing article subject.  Most business-owners have little time for proper keyword research, trend analysis, and web popularity research. So they often skip these steps or cut them short thus short-changing themselves from the very start.

On the other hand, this type of research is easy to outsource and can be performed quickly and efficiently by a skilled virtual assistant. This is a perfect opportunity for virtual assistants to bring together use of keyword, trend analysis, and reddit essay writing service conversation monitoring tools either as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger copy writing package.

Content Optimization – Fine-Tuning the Product

Unlike print media, Internet caters to two audiences – the human audience and the search engine spiders.  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and traditional writers do not realize how having this non-human audience affects content ranking in search engines.

Human readers behave differently online than when reading magazines or newspapers. They generally do not read, but skim. They experience more strain from the monitor than if they were reading a hard copy. They get distracted more and are quicker to abandon an article or post.

An article or a page copy might work well as a stand-alone printed piece, but fall short as an online marketing copy. If that is the case, virtual assistants with good understanding of SEO and online copywriting can fine-tune content to improve its online performan

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