Art Deco Perfume Bottles

There is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful perfume bottle sitting on a mirrored vanity, sparkling in the light of a glittering chandelier.

Silver Screen Goddesses like Jean Harlow must have had quite the collection of pretty perfume bottles to choose from on their vanity tables. I am fairly certain, so did the average domestic goddess of the Art Deco era.

There is just something so alluring and seductive about them…a girl just cannot turn away from an exquisite, twinkling little bottle of intoxicating fragrance.

Where To Buy Art Deco Perfume Bottles

Classic Deco perfumes like Shalimar and Chanel No 5 are readily available at most Department Store fragrance counters.

You can purchase rarer perfume bottles at online vintage stores or antique shops.

Just be absolutely certain that you are buying from an authentic perfume bottle dealer. Original Deco bottles can be very pricey and you want to ensure that you are getting the real deal. Do your research beforehand and do not be shy about asking for referrals. If the dealer is truly reputable, he or she will be more than happy to provide you with the names of their satisfied customers.

An authentic Lalique or Baccarat bottle will have the company trademark stamped on the bottom.

Deco inspired bottles can be purchased from a variety of retailers and wholesalers, both online and offline.

This style is quite easy to identify, but if you are still a bit hesitant here are a few guidelines to help you recognize it…

Characteristics of Deco Style Perfume Bottles

* Designs that incorporate angular, geometric shapes like zigzag, prisms, hexagons

* Square, rectangular or oval bottle바카라사이트 

* Simple, streamlined design

* Made of crystal or glass

* Embellished with brightly coloured gemstones like rubies, emeralds or sapphire

* May have onyx, jade or Bakelite accents



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