Do You Want to Stop Smoking Weed?

You could smoke your last joint today, but will you? You could stop smoking Weed and get all the benefits that come from being free from Weed, but will you?

I’m not so sure.

Every year tens of thousands of people quit but what about the the other hundred thousand people that continue to smoke, wanting to quit and begging for an answer? I am interested in the difference between the people that quit and the people that struggle, what’s the difference?

I have listened to some of the most incredible people in personal development and from that I learned why some people achieve where others fail. Are you ready for this?

The difference between the achievers and non-achievers is that the people who achieve, take action. They do what other people talk about doing. It may sound simple, it may sound easy but it is the truth. I might make it sound easy but I know it is not. I wanted to stop smoking Weed for at least two years because I knew what it was doing to me, but I just liked smoking, I was addicted.

But what change for me. I did it. I took action where as before weed online bestellen I was just wanting to do, now I was doing. I hear you say ‘you make it sound easy.’ Oh no, it’s no walk in the park I will be honest with you. You need to know how to quit and why your quitting before you take the next step.

So Why Do You Want to Stop Smoking Weed?

Perhaps the most important question you can ever ask yourself if you are going to quit. Why? Let me give you some suggestions reasons to stop smoking Weed.

Life is better WITHOUT Weed

My promise to you is when you stop smoking Weed your life will improve. You will feel alive again, energetic, talkative, confident, it all returns when you are no long controlled by smoking Weed. If that sounds like nonsense then don’t worry, it will just happen I promise you that.


Most people have financial troubles. I used to have them before I quit but now I have a job that pays well that I also enjoy. I get to help people for a living and although it’s hard work, (very hard work) I still love what I do. My finances used to be bad when I smoked, of course the were. I mean, have you ever worked out how much you spend on Weed every week? Times that by fifty two (weeks in a year) and you will see how much you spend on Weed. As an example, if you smoke thirty dollars a week then you will be spending one thousand five hundred dollars a year! Cigarettes and munchies on top of that can easily double how much you spend each year, every year until you quit. Put that money aside and in ten years you could have twenty five thousand dollars or more! Now what would you prefer? To spend money on Weed and cigarettes or twenty five thousand dollars plus?

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