Emery Cat – 3 Helpful Tips

Emery Cat has been on the market for awhile now with many mixed reviews. Some think that it is the best thing on the market for cats that they have seen in a long time. Other say this cat board is just another ploy to get consumers’ money. I thought this was a must have for my cat so, hesitant, I purchased one.

I have a very finicky cat, she is apprehensive with just about everything. She hides when neighbors come
over, she will not go outside, and she only eats one kind of kitty food. I have tried to switch it many times to control she diet, but when I do, she will look at the food, and then give me an “Are you crazy?” face. So, I decided to share some help tips for those of you who have finicky cats. These three personal tips may even help those of you who have not yet purchases this product and may need a little more information from a actual buyer.

Tip 1
Fully Assemble

When I say fully assemble I mean, hairless cat for sale you have put the cat nip inside the base, and put it in the place it will remain. The mistake I made is when the cat boards arrived I left them in my living room for a day. Before I noticed, Clea was not lying on the couch where she always rests. So I decided to put the boxes in the garage and started over one week later. This time when she saw it she could not resist the cat nip.

Tip 2
Buy Extra The Cat Nip

This cat nip will cause a crazy reaction. My cat rubbed it, rolled over on the cat board, and scratched at it. The reality of this is that your cat may not react the same as mind. And, just by using the cat board alone will not do the trick. Also keep in mind that the cat nip will wear off in about 15 minutes. After that your cat will not be interested. The good thing about it is your cat will return. My cat took about three hours to return. So do not be alarmed like I was thinking this product was a hoax. Your cat will return. Also, get stocked up on cat nip. Online is a good place to buy it, as most pet shops only have really old stuff that has been warehoused. The brand I use is called Cosmic Catnip, the leaves are always green and it is fresh. Make sure you stick with one brand of cat nip because your our cat my not react to others. Cat nip comes with Emery Cat however, your cat my not react to that either. Do not be alarmed. Simply purchase different kinds of cat nip from your local pet store and test it out on your cat. You will find one that works.

Tip 3
Do Not Force Your Cat on The Board
If your cat is not interested in this product right away, do not force the issue. If you force your cat on the
board he/she will not go anywhere near it cat nip or not. Allow your cat to gradually get acquainted with this strange new piece of small furniture in your home. They will love you for it I am sure.

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