Games That Improve Your Memory Every time

Insomniac GamesWhether you are a player or you are not, you need to get your head in the game to sharpen your memory and focus! If you are lacking practical memory and can’t seem to get your head right when you are dealing with common interactions than you need to change your lifestyle Are you lacking excitement and passion in your work area and in your social life? Monotony and boredom can bring depression upon an individual, which decreases your natural will to memorize. There is an array of mental and physical games that improve memory!

It’s been said that memory isn’t the process of us storing and losing information, but it’s the process of us taking in too much information at the same time. Therefore, information that we retained was then replaced by something else. There’s such a thing as auditory sensory memory: we are more prevalent to hearing sounds over something else because it catches our attention. Unless we fully recognize audio or visual information, we will not remember it. We must fully comprehend a scenario and apply it to our short term memory to revert back to it in the future. It’s strange to understand what we retain and what gets lost in space. Playing games is an aggressive way to take in a scenario.

Depending on what kind of person you are, you may prefer a mental game or a physical game. A mental game can be anything from mental puzzles to mental games with other people! Psychological games don’t have to be trickery but can be advantageous in teaching you about social interaction. Being aware of social and individual psychology can stimulate growth in your brain. Next time you are interacting with someone, take a look at what they are doing while they are speaking. How is their posture and are they looking at you or looking away? It’s easy to analyze others if you just take a closer look! Some individuals are more skilled when it comes to “reading” people, but sometimes taking a look at the psychological aspect of communicating and bonding will get you to look at it in a different light. Psychological interpretation can result in a procedural memory which is a scenario in which we store physical and behavioral memories. Whether they pertain to someone else, or to an event that has happened to us in the past- they are available to your thought process years after the operation has taken place. Throughout the day play mental games with yourself to stimulate parts of your brain that you don’t use often. Before your day starts, treat it aesthetically; as if the day were a painting. Behave eloquently and pretend that you are an actor in a movie. You don’t have to act like someone else, but if you are bored with your job or your community- a change of perspective is all that may need. Each individual sees the world in a different light, and isn’t aware of it. We can all relate to each other and share similarities, yet, our experiences have shaped us into different people. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, but it is a mental challenge when we have to work with people who hold different views and ethics.

Physical games are essential in stimulating your brain and sharpening your memory. Physical activity releases chemicals in the body that we only receive when we put an effort into a physical game or working out. The common hormone, adrenaline is released into our system when we are mediating a stressful experience. When diverse hormones are released into our system, we recall information that we usually wouldn’t. We use aggression to get a point across, and it’s a good way of stimulating our brain and our memory. Sometimes our body needs a “switching up” in order to operate correctly. That’s why it’s important for us to partake in different activities on a regular basis. Switch up your exercise routine, or take a group exercise class. There is an array of diverse exercises and games that you can play if you choose to stimulate your memory.

If you’re a gamer and you wish to stimulate your memory and brain in ways that you don’t often, don’t be afraid to reach out and try new things! We are high maintenance individuals and get tired of doing the same thing, playing the same game. Our thought process needs a CHALLENGE and you can receive one by playing physical or mental games that you haven’t acquired. Master the art of memory and brain function by changing your gaming routine regularly, and you will find that it will effect you affirmatively in other ways! Get your game on, and quit twiddling your thumbs!

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