Guide To A Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse is a great way to achieve optimum, excellent health. But just taking colon cleansing supplements will not ensure your cleanse is effective. There are steps you can take to get the most benefit from all your hard work.


  • Choose good supplements. Supplements are important since they provide the extra nutrients your body needs to do the hard work of cleansing. They should also provide fiber to help remove built up waste and attract toxins to be removed.
  • Clean up your diet. Some supplement companies claim you can eat anything you want to cleanse your body, as long as you take their supplements. This is both a waste of time and money. Cleansing is a learning process. During this time, we are attempting to learn what foods our bodies heal with and what foods make us sick. The body cannot cleanse without proper nutrition. Just as the body grows it’s own hair, it cannot do this job unless we give it the nutrients – or building blocks – to do so. In the same way, the body cannot cleanse itself without proper nutrition and it cannot eliminate excess waste if you continually add junk foods. Therefore eat a diet high in fresh, natural foods; eliminate as much processed food as you can; stop drinking alcohol and consuming table sugar for now; absolutely no fried, junk or fast foods; stop consuming milk or milk products for now; eat animal proteins in limited amounts while cleansing.
  • The more raw foods you eat the better your body will cleanse. Raw foods digest fairly quickly and help your body strengthen it’s natural digestive abilities. The stronger your digestion is, the more old waste and buildup your body can break down and eliminate. Also, the stronger your digestion is, the better your metabolism is.
  • Consume fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices 旺角通渠  for the first week or two of your cleanse. Many people think these simply contain too much sugar, but keep in mind your body does not respond to vegetable and fruit sugars the same way it responds to processed table sugar. In fact, most of us need the extra nutrition during the cleansing period. Cleansing is a time in which the body eliminates waste in an attempt to heal itself. It takes 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to live on a daily basis. So drinking fresh juices can give the extra nutrition the body needs right now.
  • Use body work modalities such as massage therapy and lymphatic drainage to expedite the cleansing process. Body work will help you manually move toxins out of the body. Most therapies are also comforting and make the cleansing process more enjoyable.


Following these simple guidelines can give you more benefit from all the hard work you put into cleansing. Doing a colon cleanse is not an easy task, especially if your in your thirties and have never cleansed before. These are just some of the things that you can do to ensure your colon cleanse is productive and enlightening.


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