How To Create a Great Television Show!

People need to understand that several elements can contribute to a really good television show. However, throughout my experience from watching and reading popular and successful shows I have realised what the perfect concoction for a killer TV show spec is.

-The first thing you need to understand is that audiences don’t want to always come back every week to view the TV show. You want to create a show that has a different situation every single week, whilst at the same time rarely focusing on the personal lives of its characters. So in other words: Your viewers won’t feel like they’ve missed something VERY important.

-Shows like CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, House and ER have proven that.

-I know this may seem a little harsh, but if it’s going to be your first spec, you may want to keep it a little simple at first. The best thing to do is always set it in one fixed location e.g police department, hospital, coffee shop, department store or business office.

-Thinking out the box can be a good thing, shows like Brothers and Sisters and 24 which often change location can be successful. However, you need to realise that at homeland project free tv some point you’re going to run out of places and locations. If you’re certain that you can plan a new location week after week go ahead and try it.

-When it comes to character creation: Always make your main character have a distinct personality. Something that always makes the audience want to come back for more, an example would be Gregory House in House. His sarcasm lures viewers back week after week. Let’s not forget Horatio Caine in CSI:Miami, Horatio lures back viewers with his constant one liners.

-The next thing you need to do is establish a romantic force during the show. Your protagonist(s) whether they are male or female need to have a building love for each other that takes seasons and seasons to build up. This makes viewers want to pop in to see if they will ever make that magical kiss.

-Your show must have a distinct format. How can anyone forget the legendary Law and Order Dun-Dun sound that appears when our characters move to a certain location or the close up shots in CSI? Things like this make fans identify with their favourite shows.

-Finally, create an attractive title that will always stick. House, CSI, Lost, Monk, 24 and How I Met Your Mother are titles that ring in the bustling of society. Whenever someone says one of those titles, another person will be curious to know what that show is. Then the circle gets bigger and bigger.

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