How to Decide on a Pet Sitter for Your English Bulldog Puppy

June 13, 2022

Is your family going on vacation? Will you be out of town for business? Do you just need a break from everything to clear your mind? As much as we love our pets, sometimes they can’t join us because of lodging policies or travel concerns. If you are faced with the options of keeping your puppy in a boarding facility, asking a neighbor or family member to babysit, or just not going, then a pet sitter may be the right choice for you. Here is some valuable information on how you can make the right pet sitter choice for your English Bulldog puppy.

Do your research

When making the decision of who to hire Frenchie for sale  to watch your puppy while you are away, ask around and find out who is reputable and who you can trust to be in your home. After doing your homework, you can form a foundation of trust and gain some insight of the pet sitter’s reputation. You can find out about potential pet sitters by asking your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers on online social networks to see if they have any experience with pet sitters and who they would recommend.

Meeting and Trusting your English Bulldog Puppy Sitter

After looking at some potential pet sitters, set up a consultation with them. This will give them an opportunity to meet and interact with you and your English Bulldog puppy. See how they treat your puppy and how they respect your home. If you leave town knowing you made the right choice and are comfortable with your decision, it will make for a positive experience.

Make sure during the consultation you ask pet sitters about their qualifications, experience, insurance, payment methods and other things that you may be interested in knowing. Also, be sure to ask if the sitter will be keeping a log of what they are doing for your puppy while they are there, this way it will ensure that things are being done.

As far as insurance of the sitter goes, see if they are insured for the care, custody, and control of the pet. This gives pet owners piece of mind knowing their pet will be safe and properly protected.

Making Your English Bulldog Puppy Comfortable

Making your puppy as comfortable and as stress free as possible is also an important part of this experience. Many pet owners choose pet sitters for this exact reason. Leaving pets in their own environment will ensure that they are in their own place with their own things that they are familiar with. An added bonus is if your puppy bonds with the pet sitter and treats them just like another family member and friend. If the puppy is trusting of this new sitter, then it will be comfortable enough to continue with their everyday routines and not create bad habits.


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