How To Increase Sales By Using Social Media Sites

September 10, 2022

I cannot believe how much marketing has changed since I started my first bricks and mortar business more than twenty years ago. Back then, cheap marketing consisted of posting flyers through people’s doors and by word and mouth recommendations. However the way to increase sales for small businesses today is by connecting with your customers via social media sites. You can “tweet”, “shout out” or شراء متابعين تيك توك even “check in”, all of which would have been a foreign language in days gone by…But how do you make sure that your efforts pay off?

Below are some tips on how to ensure success and get more sales for your business using social networking sites.


In order to promote your business on Facebook you will need to set up a Facebook business account and profile and invite friends to your page. If you already have a personal Facebook page you can insert your website details within the “about you” section on your personal page. This will then offer a perfect way of leading your followers on to your business page.

You will then need to choose a name for your business page that will reflect your business, ensuring not to use too many generic keywords like” make money from home”. You can use the description, company overview and mission boxes to provide powerful text about your business, including relevant keywords. You will also have the opportunity to provide details about yourself within the “biography” section.

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