Planning the Punishment – Basics For Planning Bodybuilding Routines

Some of the most clearly defining characteristics of bodybuilding are the often gruelling exercise routines designed to torture and push you to your limits in your quest for that ripped and toned body. As critical as they may be to the sport, bodybuilding routines are often the greatest source of confusion and uncertainty to tyro bodybuilders. There are just so many different routines out there, all concentrating on different muscle groups and all claiming to be the definitive example and promising spectacular results. In the face of all this choice, how does one start putting together a good, individually suited routine?Top 5 Best Bodybuilders In The World | Best bodybuilder, Bodybuilding, Phil  heath bodybuilding

The most important first step towards putting together bodybuilding routines is to consult a fitness professional to have an assessment done Natural Human Growth Hormone. This will establish an exercise profile based your body type, fitness level and schedule and will identify a set of starter routines most suited to your needs. This is best done by a professional as they have the qualifications and experience to give you advice that will not only get you started in a logical and efficient manner, but also prevent injuries and disillusionment in the early stages.

All of the aforementioned points of consideration are very important in establishing starter bodybuilding routines. Bodybuilding routines that are not suited to your body type or health and fitness profile will either not deliver any notable results, over-tax you or even cause serious injury. Routines that do not take your personal schedule into account will leave you scrabbling for time and will eventually result in your other commitments or the bodybuilding itself suffering. Any or all of these issues are the most common causes of aspirant bodybuilders abandoning the sport. That said it is essential that your routines are practical and safe.

Most starter bodybuilding routines will concentrate on working specific muscle groups on one day of the weekly schedule. These will be interspersed with cardio workouts and most importantly, sufficient rest periods. Bodybuilding works by inflicting controlled exercise related damage to the muscles to cause it to react to the change in environmental demand by increasing it’s mass. Damage in this sense should not be taken to mean injury type stress, but rather the pushing of the muscles beyond their normal range of loading. This regeneration and growth takes place during periods of rest and particularly during sleep, so rest intervals are probably the most important part of any routine.

Goal setting is also a critical part of the success of bodybuilding routines. Realistic, achievable goals should be formulated on a weekly basis and pursued vigorously. Setting goals allows you to define where you want to be and based on your situation, the best route to get there. Without clearly defined goals bodybuilding becomes a pointless, mechanical waste of energy. These goals should be broken down into short, mid and long term specifics. Where I want to be in 2 years, what I want to achieve in the next 6 months and what do I need to do this week to reach these goals. In that fashion you keep focused and less inclined to become disillusioned.

In short, bodybuilding routines should be based on science rather than rumour and hero worship. Get an assessment done and approach the subject from a firm, informed standpoint. Each individual will need specifically defined routines to be successful. With time you will gain enough experience about the sport in general and your abilities, strengths and weaknesses in particular to start formulating your own exercise regimen. If these basic principles are combined with a sufficient passion, drive and dedication, Arnold may have to hold onto his crown a little tighter!

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