Quad Cordless Phones Buying Advice

Here we have a few tips for people thinking of buying a set of Quad Cordless Phones and few things they should consider.

Cordless Phone Answer Machine

Many models of DECT phone now incorporate a digital answerphone which means you don’t need to waste money or clutter up your house with yet another piece of electronic equipment. Make sure your chosen phone set includes an answer machine.

Number of handsets

We think that four handsets is the ideal number for an average size home which is why we recommend that you buy a quad digital phone set. The four digital handsets can be placed around your home so that you always have one in easy reach for making or receiving important calls.

Caller Display Function

You should check that your phones have the caller display function which allows you to screen incoming calls. Some phone companies charge extra for this service, so check whether your landline telephone provider actually offers this service and get it activated if you want to use the caller display function on your cordless phones.

Page Function

An advantage of cordless handsets is that you can carry them around and use them anywhere in your home, but this also has its disadvantages in that handsets can be misplaced. Some sets have a “page” button on the base station, when pressed all handsets will ring out so you can easily locate any missing ones.

Hands Free Speaker

This function is similar to that which you will find on many mobile phones, it allows you to turn up the speaker volume and listen to the call without having to hold you cordless handset to your ear. This is ideal if you are waiting in a long call queue or listening to the other half drone on!

Phone Book

Many phones have a phone book function so that you can program in your favourite contacts’ details, on some models with caller display function their name will then be displayed on the phone when they call you. sell my mobile home for cashIt is worth checking whether these details can be programmed on the main handset or if you have to program each of your four digital phone handsets separately.

Rechargeable Cordless Phone Batteries

Each handset will have its own rechargeable battery(batteries) and these will be recharged whenever the phone is placed on a base station. You might want to check if this battery is a battery pack specific to the manufacturer or just a set of AA or similar sized rechargeable batteries. While batteries do not need to be replaced regularly you may want to consider the replacement cost when choosing your quad cordless phones.

Cordless Phone Manufacturers

In the UK the most common cordless phone manufacturers are BT, Philips, Panasonic and Siemens. All of these supply a varying range of digital phones in different styles and prices. As a general rule BT & Philips tend to offer more choice in the lower price ranges, Siemens offer more high quality high-priced phones but our favourites are the Panasonic Quad Cordless handsets. Panasonic manage to combine stylish designs, useful features & functionality and reliability in their mid-priced quad cordless phone range.

Where to buy Quad Phones

You’ll find a good range of cordless quad phone sets for sale online at Amazon, eBay and Argos, you can also browse high street electronics shops and you’ll find that larger supermarket chains now also offer a good range of phones in-store.

How much to pay for your phone quad set?

A quad cordless phone set can be purchased for less than £30, but for a reasonable looking set with all the features & functionality from a reliable manufacturer you should pay around £70. If you are not shopping on a budget some great looking and functional handsets can be bought for just over £100.

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