Samsung Pixon Vs Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition – To Slide Or Not to Slide?

Samsung has launched a wide variety of mobile phones from time to time in order to meet the expectations of its customers. There is large array of mobile phones by Samsung that cater the needs of all segments of users.

The recent mobile phones launched by the manufacturer are the Samsung S8300 better known as the Tocco Ultra Edition and the Samsung M8800 more commonly known as the Pixon phone. Both these phone are good looking and have good features but in order to make the choice easier among these two the differentiation of these two phones can be made on the basis of following specifications. samsung 55au7700

Looks and Design

Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition is a slider phone with slim body of 12.7mm. The looks of the phone are stylish and the curved exterior of the phone makes it look stunning. The black colour anti scratch metal frame of S8300 is very smart and will make others feel jealous of your possession. The Samsung Pixon is a slim candy bar phone which boasts its 13.8mm design. The looks of both the phones are great and the difference lies mainly in its design of slider and candy bar form.


The display of Tocco Ultra is very good with 2.8 full TouchScreen. The new screen of this phone is AMOLED and also has anti reflection coating to give good view. There are 16million colours of the screen in this phone which makes the viewing clear and bright. The display of Samsung S8300 can also be rotated as the phone has accelerometer.

The capacitive touch screen of the phone makes the functioning very easy and fast as the screen senses the heat of the fingers and thus no pressure is needed to be applied. Besides the touch input Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition also has 3X4 additional key input for easy operations. The display of Samsung Pixon is nowhere behind and has wide TFT touch screen of 3.2 inches with resolution of 240 X 400 pixels. The wide size of the screen makes the viewing in the Samsung M8800 to be very clear and comfortable. The 256000 colours of the screen in the phone make the image appear bright and vibrant.


There are good multimedia features in both the phones and camera is an integral part of it. The Samsung S8300 has 8MP camera with features of Auto focus and Dual Power LED. Other exciting features of the camera in this phone include smile shot, photo blogging, face tagging and many others. Besides capturing still images Samsung Tocco Ultra is also capable of recording VGA video at 30fps. Samsung Pixon also has 8MP camera along with many other features that makes this phone to compete with any other standalone digital camera.

Along with 8MP camera the phone has digital zoom of 16x that gives good images of far away objects. Other camera features included are auto focus, face detection, fast shutter, geo tagging and many more. There is also an integrated Photo Browser in the phone that makes photo sharing and viewing very easy and fantastic.

Thus, it can be concluded that both the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition and the Samsung Pixon are no less than each other and one can make a choice on the basis of their needs and likings.


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