Shooting Jackets: Your Guide to the Perfect Jacket

Whether you are an outdoorsy kind of guy or simply like the rugged look, shooting jackets make a divine addition to any wardrobe. Practical, durable, and decidedly masculine, shooting jackets can be used for their intended purpose or as an outspoken outerwear garment for casual social events. Before you just start randomly adding jackets to your cart, however, take a moment to become familiar with what makes a perfect shooting jacket.

Shooting Jackets: The Perfect Fit

As with any article of clothing, it is important that you choose a shooting jacket that fits you well. From arm length to the width of the back, every aspect of how the jacket fits you will be يلا شوت  important. This is especially true if you will be wearing your jacket for-well, shooting. The last thing you want as you raise your firearm to your shoulder is to be restrained by a jacket that is too snug across the shoulders. Likewise, you don’t want your sleeves interfering with how you hold and aim your weapon, so either choose shooting jackets that have cropped sleeves or elastic or snaps about the wrists.

Shooting Jackets: Standing Up To The Elements

Here in the UK, fog tends to come with the territory. If your shooting jackets are not made to withstand damp weather, you’ll find yourself miserable before the end of the day. Shooting jackets that are waterproof, or at the very least, water-resistant, perform much better and last much longer than those that have no weather protection engineering. In addition to lasting longer, you will be much more comfortable in a shooting jacket that doesn’t leave you soaked to the bone. Chaffing, anyone? Not with a waterproof jacket!

Shooting Jackets: Comfort and Breathability

Another important factor that should influence your purchase of shooting jackets should be whether or not the material is breathable. The only thing worse than a jacket with no water resistance is one that has so much that it retains moisture on the inside. Choose jackets that are lined with materials that naturally wick moisture away from the skin, such as wool or some type of mesh blend. Even in cooler weather, you are still prone to sweat, and your comfort will suffer tremendously if that moisture stays trapped against your body.

Shooting Jackets: Finding the Right Style

If you are purchasing shooting jackets as a wardrobe accessory alone, then the style you choose will be determined only by the look you wish to portray. If, however, you are purchasing a jacket to be used, the style should be one that is of a practical mindset. You’ll need enough pockets to hold all of your shooting accessories such as cartridges and the like. You may also wish to purchase a jacket with some padding in the front for those time you will be on your stomach shooting. Just think about all of the movements and scenarios you typically experience when shooting and you’ll be able to determine which shooting jackets are right for you.


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