Tips to Have Safer Sex

April 18, 2023

Having safe sex is preferable for most of the couples out there because it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. There are many methods of safe sex but none of them ensures 100% protection. There are artificial as well as natural methods, but the latter are not easy to practice. In this article we will discuss both these methods available to have safer sex.

Natural methods are very safe and do not require any money. However, you will have to be extra careful and constantly monitor your sexual Call girls in Dharamshala desires. One of these methods is monitoring the menstrual cycle of the woman. There are some days which are referred to as ‘safe sex days’ in which having sex does not lead to pregnancy. They are roughly located at a week after the period started till a week before the next period. This cycle is not easy to understand as many women experience irregular cycles. A doctor will be able to describe this phenomenon more clearly. These days are 5 to 10 in number and vary from woman to woman. Only have sex in these days and avoid pregnancy altogether.

Another natural method to avoid pregnancy is breast feeding the baby. If you have recently had a baby and you don’t want another one for at least two more years, then breast feeding can very well handle that problem.

Coming to the artificial or contraceptive methods of avoiding pregnancy, the most popular among these methods is the use of a condom. Of course it does not ensure 100% protection every time, but it’s the safest method available. There are both male and female condoms available on market, but male condoms dominate the market everywhere around the world. Female condoms are expensive and hard on use.

Oral birth-control pills are also a way to avoid pregnancy but they do not help in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, sometimes an overdose may disturb a woman’s hormones and menstrual cycle. After a prolonged use of contraceptive pills a woman may not be able to conceive for the rest of her life. Always consult a doctor before using any contraceptive pills or injections.

There are other contraception methods available as well, for example the coil, diaphragm etc. These methods are not easy to adopt especially if you the two of you are not having monogamous relationship.

Finally, a method that is 100% effective is not to have sex at all. This is called abstinence. Avoid sex if your partner says no to contraceptive methods and if you can’t do so rethink your relationship. Many people don’t want to have pre-marital physical relationships with their partners. If your values are important to you then discuss them openly with your partner and avoid sex at all times to prevent the dangers associated with it.

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