Water Filters Installation and Maintenance – A Short Guide

Choices for Water Filter Mounting

Once people find out about the main types of water filters, how they function and what they are capable of, they should opt for the place to install them. They come in different choices:

Under-sink Installation

It is obvious why under sink filters are among the most popular types. They are designed to be effective and not really to look pleasing to the eyes. When placed in a kitchen cabinet, it will remain hidden from other people.

On-counter Installation

This is best for smaller water filters. These can be installed straight on the counter. While they may not look attractive, they are easily within reach.

Faucet Mounted

As the name suggests, these filters are installed straight on the faucet. The faucet’s aerator is removed then the filter is connected to the faucet.

Pitchers or Dispensers

This type of filters gives the advantage of allowing it to be placed just about anywhere.

Water Filter Maintenance

Buying a water filter comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. How is this done?

Change the filters

Some may decide on an activated carbon filter while others opt for a reverse osmosis system. If it makes use of filters, these need to be replaced at a certain point. Majority of manufacturers indicate the life expectancy of the filter in the description of the product. If not, it is found in the instructions manual.

Changing the beads

If it is an ion exchange filter similar to a water softener/deionization check out unit, there is a need to change the beads every now and then. The charge of these beads are limited and when the charge is used up, they have no use anymore.

Changing the Bulb

Whether it is a simple UV filter or RO system that makes use of a UV filter, the bulb needs to be changed often. The filter shows a sign when the bulb is no longer functioning or it can be seen when it stops working on other models.



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